Burlap Bags – Upcycled Market Bag

Hi Everyone – I’m trying to get back on my scheduled Monday posting… I’ve been distracted: getting back from vacation; selling vintage albums for uncle’s estate; tweeking Etsy site, etc..

I decided it would be appropriate to write about burlap. This tub of coffee bean bags is sitting in my kitchen / living room. They are clean. My daughter thought working with upcycled coffee bean bags would be cool – reuse, recycle, upcycle. (Which I do agree with…) However, working with burlap, even washed/clean burlap has a lot of lint. I find my eyes water, my nose runs and I sneeze when I’m working with burlap for a time.

I hate to waste or throw it away, but working with burlap isn’t easy. It’s very wimpy fabric. I’ve made 2 bags. I was reading how to stiffen burlap. I bought iron on vinal – which was a mistake. All it does is to make the bag crinkly. (Last two pictues as they uploaded.)

I had some old blue jeans from a seperate project. I have the strapping since I have made market bags from tiger cloth/canvas already…

The second bag I designed off a picture I found somewhere. It turned out pretty well. I have one more to finish. I lined the bag with some extra fabric I had.

I still have quite a pile of bags. I was hoping my daughter would want to learn to sew, but that hasn’t happened yet….

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Updated Hem Lines Up Down and All Around

I’ve been out of town visiting my daughter in Omaha.

One thing I always seem to be doing is fixing, altering clothes. This is particularly important wh


en you are of average  height, not supermodel height.

Hem lines have been going up and down, mini to maxi. Several years ago I started seeing hem lines which were angled down to longer in the back and shorter in the front.

The dress I hemmed was angled, longer in the front and shorter in the back. My daughter told me it was a British style.

Next week, we’re back to fabrics, fabric design, creating…

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Etsy, PicMonkey, Spoonflower, Designs, Vacation – Finishes and New Beginnings

I have completed my first fabric design. I thought it would be much harder than it was. (A huge sigh of relief here….)

Yes I was to  have done this several weeks ago. I was using several ineffective programs to try and create a .jpg and edit it. It was a simple task which has become quite complicated. I looked this morning and I had triple copied images in my folder. How do you even do this??

I ended up using a different program, PicMonkey. Hopefully this will improve my images and turnaround time.

As you remember, I was trying to design some fabric to brighten up my sewing room. I found a wonderful sewing table at an estate sale several years ago. I love it; however, it has a dark brown top on it.  What I don’t love it the room is on the west side of the house and always seems very dark.

The other items I am working on are my Etsy products / Etsy promotions.


gray floral1_edited

It’s a gorgeous bag, I just need to understand how to promote/market it…

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Missing Borrowed Teeth

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

The lowly toothbrush is taken for granted. You don’t really appreciate it until you don’t have one…

My youngest daughter was looking for a new toothbrush last night. We didn’t have any. You see my older daughter has come to visit several months ago and took my only extra toothbrush.  Did she as? no Did she put it on the shopping list? no

You don’t know what you have until you don’t have it.

What to do with Special t-shirts

Today is Monday and I promised I will publish a blog post every Monday….  As you can tell, I am still learning how to blog. I thought I would share with you one creative way to keep, remember, wear memorable t-shirts.

Most of the Harley Davidson t-shirts I used in this skirt were shirts that were given to me to remember my brother-in-law who has passed away. Being a biker for many years, he had hundreds of black t-shirts. He was a bigger guy, so they didn’t fit me and I knew I’d never wear them.

I have a serger and have created fabric before. I saw this pattern, Kwik 3789, and thought it would work if I modified it. I’ve posted a link so you can see the front of the pattern.

I serged the fabric so it would fit onto the pattern pieces. Take a look and let me know what you this. I hope this will inspire you to try something new. If you do, please share it with me.

Kwik Sew Pattern 3789

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Fabric Design – a work in progress; Etsy Keyword Dilema..

I am continuing to work on the graphics for the fabric design. You’ll remember I’m trying to decorate brighten up my sewing room. It seems very dark in her in the morning.

I should also admit another goal I’m trying to achieve here is to link my design, Etsy sites together so there is some logic, flow to everything.

I’m also trying to pimp my key words on Etsy so I have better search results. Here’s another items I seem to be struggling with.

I’ve been working on the graphics using Paint 3D, PowerPoint mainly as my programs. Any economical suggestions would be appreciated. I started putting the graphics together into a jpg. I need to finish this and get the finished fabric dimensions down – so it’s a work in progress….