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Unfinished Projects

Vacation is coming up and I still have several unfinished projects in addition to the comforter cover.

I have pictures of my projects. I wanted to get a tunic done before I go on vacation. I bought some beautiful material on Etsy. It’s neuprene and would look great as a tunic. I just need to decide which goes with which pattern….


I am diligently still working on quilting the parts of the comforter cover. I found this magaine, American Quilter / March 2017 / Pg 86 (sorry I couldn’t link to page 86). There are several machine quilting patterns, some are border which might look good in the side panels. I am not a great quilter, but I will plug on…

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The Scrap Quilt Progresses

Hi Everyone – I am continuing to work on the scrap quilt. (It’s actually going to be a comforter cover.) I saw this quilt on Pinterest – which was my inspiration.

There are strips of scrap fabric in the decorative strips running through the pieces. I’ve used my serger to sew the strips to give them more texture with the seam on top.


I have started to quilt some of the squares. I wanted to quilt them separately so I can do it on my sewing machine. I wanted each square to by quilted slightly. This will stand out on the solid fabric. I decided to use  a variegated thread, too.

Hopefully, this will be done by spring.


Reduce, Reuse & African Prints – Oh My

I decided several weeks ago I wanted to sew several things for an upcoming trip. What I decided on was that I’m a bit of a pack rat with fabrics. I did go through some of my fabrics; some I’m parting with some of them.


I have several patterns I started to make and realized I didn’t have enough fabric for the dress. This is a reversible dress, Simplicity 1356. I ended up buying some fabric. Some African printed fabric for one side. (I did see an cute dress on another blog with African fabric.) I did use some of my stash fabric for the reverse side, blue paisley.

The dress looks nice. I don’t like the way it wraps – it doesn’t seem very secure. I do love the fabric; it turned out nice.

OK, that’s all for now..

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hi All – I was going to sew sew sew last week. What I found is – I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to material.

I had left over material I loved; however, there wasn’t enough to do anything major with. So, these didn’t get done, because I didn’t have enough.


Needless to say, I did downsize my stash.  Some material was given to me by relatives and friends. Some fabric I bought and didn’t use. While going through the fabric, I realized it isn’t my style so I always chose not to use it.  I feel it might be better for someone else’s project so I have started to sell some of it on Etsy. This is a large piece of fabric I’ve had a number of years. I think my aunt gave it to me when she downsized and stopped sewing.

I did get a few things done this week.


I still have to find a project for all the wool I have. I could make a coat, or a wool quilt… any ideas?? Thx

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Misc Projects To Finish

Hi -I had mentioned I do finish what I start once I start it. But I do have fabric that I purchased for one reason or another and not used it. I’m going on vacation somewhere warm in March. So it’s time to use some of it and get some new clothes for vacation.

Also, I thought I would do something differ

ent this week. Unfortunately, I tripped & fell yesterday  and my back & foot is sore. I’d love to tell you I fell on black ice, but I tripped on an a sidewalk which had sunk. I was trying to hurry across the street and didn’t see it.  I need to stretch out and take it easy today.

I’ve also found some vintage patterns which would look great, maybe not as a dress, but as a tunic. Unfortunately, maybe not, the patterns are not the correct size. I feel this may be an opportunity to grow my alteration skills.

I am continuing to work on the scrap quilt, too. I have to trim the squares. Then I need to machine quilt them. This is not my forte – so I’m taking this as a learning opportunity. I did made two extra squares, so if I mess on up, I have a spare.

Take care until next week. Let me know what you are working on.

New Year Projects, Etc.

Hi Everyone – I’ve been locked out of my account. I just got back in…

Have you made any New Year Resolutions??  I have made several goals – I don’t like to call them resolutions.

  1. Complete some of my open projects. Things I’ve purchased and not started. (Once I start something I usually finish it.)
  2. Eat healthier.
  3. I have a stash of wool. Most of it I’ve been given. Some are larger pieces; however, I don’t know if there is enough to make something like a jacket. I did see a jacket, Simplicity 2149 – though I’d have to change the cuffs. Some people have decided to de-cutter their stash of fabrics. I’ve looked at their pictures and would be embarassed to show you my stash.)
  4. Etsy site. I do have an Etsy site. I need to improve my marketing knowledge.

I am continuing to work on my scrap quilt, between obligations. The squares are looking nice.

Let me know what you are working on & your resolutions/goals for this year.

Hopefully, I won’t have such a hard time breaking into my blog next week.

Scrap Quilt – Phase 2

Hi Everyone – I hope you had a nice holiday season.

First, I did wear my pink paisley dress out for New Year’s Eve. I wore it with a fabric motorcycle jacket, tights and short boots. It looked very nice.

I’m back to finishing my scrap quilt. I am basing it on a picture I saw on Pinterest.  It’s got basic colors with strips of scrap fabrics. I’m using solid color fabrics which will go with a Southwestern color scheme.  I’m also not making a quilt. I have a down comforter which was an uncles. It’s a 1980s country blue.

I’m using 16″ X 15.5″ squares, which I cut into three pieces. I’ve used my serger to piece the scraps together. I’m leaving the serger seam on the top of the fabric to ad some interest.

I found some olive printed fabric at a thrift store and will be using that as the back.

I was going to quilt the quilt top in blocks onto a thin hospital type blanket. (Mom my feel recently and was transported to the hospital via ambulance. They now gives these blankets to you now – so I have several from my mom. Mom is doing fine; but it seems a shame to waste them.)

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